Help our next horse in need

Help our next horse in need

Olaf was abandoned to fend for himself at a very young age. Could you spare just £3 to help give horses and ponies like him a second chance?

Emaciated black pony with skin condition

£3 for three months could enable our team to respond to a report about a horse’s welfare.

World Horse Welfare groom checks on pony lying down in crew yard

£5 for five months could help pay for our vet to assess a horse on arrival and create a treatment plan for them.

staff member establishing trust in a foal

£7 for seven months could help buy vital dietary supplements for an orphaned foal.

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World Horse Welfare groom holds pony for farrier to trim feet

£10 could help pay for the expert farriery many of our horses need when they come into our care.

Vet injects bay horse in the neck

£25 could help pay for our vet to assess a horse on arrival and create a treatment plan for them.

Obese bay pony stood in barn

£50 could pay for important veterinary tests for conditions associated with overweight horses.

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Why we need your help

Your support means horses and ponies like Olaf can have a fresh start

Olaf was abandoned at just a few months old and left to fend for himself as winter approached. Fortunately, the landowners cared enough to try and get Olaf, a piebald colt foal standing at 10hh, the help he needed and contacted us.

Our Field Officer Chris Shaw visited to assess the situation and realised that Olaf clearly couldn’t stay there, with winter approaching fast and the land prone to flooding. With our advice, the landowners took the appropriate action and, when his owner couldn’t be found, we were able to take Olaf into our care. He arrived safely at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre on 1st December.

“When I first visited the site, I realised Olaf was clearly very young and couldn’t stay there. He seemed very happy to have some company but was also extremely nervous. I initially kept my distance to give him some space and not frighten him but he approached me repeatedly, as if he didn’t want to be left behind again. After he began to trust me, and shared my apple, I was able to check him over. Although he was in reasonable bodily condition at that point, at such a young age his situation was really precarious and he could have deteriorated rapidly once the winter weather hit.

“Sadly, Olaf won’t be the only pony who needs our help before spring – and he may not even be the only foal we see dumped this winter either. Olaf has had a sorry start in life, but he’s one of the lucky ones and was safe in our care in time for Christmas, with a secure, bright future ahead of him. Our work helping horses and ponies like Olaf is only made possible by our generous supporters, so if you could make a small gift today you really would make a difference and help give other horses in need a fresh start.”

World Horse Welfare Field Officer Chris Shaw

Our work depends on caring animal lovers like you. We know funds are tight at this time of year, but just £3 a month will help give horses and ponies like Olaf a fresh start, with a safe and secure future ahead of them.

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It touches my heart with such amazing work you do you such a magical, spiritual animal. It upsets me greatly how animals are treated with such disrespect and disregard. They are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings. Thank you for being there for those that need it the most

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