Help stop horse smuggling

Help stop horse smuggling

We urgently need your help to act against horse smuggling and protect vulnerable horses.

£25 could enable us to ramp up pressure on the government to implement and enforce the Kept Animals Bill and stop horse smuggling.

£50 could enable us to expand our port investigations to gather empirical evidence that horses are being smuggled out of this country.

£100 could be invested in research and analysis to identify trends in horse smuggling so we can end it.

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Why we urgently need your help

Under the radar horse smuggling leaves horses vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. These are not just horses that have been bred by criminal gangs. They are family pets that have been acquired under false pretences. They are ex-sports horses sold on when they can no longer compete to what their owners thought would be safe homes. They are unwanted youngsters who have no future as ridden horses so face a lifetime of abuse.

What your support means to us

With your support we can help ban the live export of equines and stop horses being smuggled out of the UK. The Kept Animals Bill goes to the heart of why World Horse Welfare was founded nearly 100 years ago. Time is running out, so we need to act urgently.