Help working horses across the world

Help working horses across the world

Will you support us and provide urgent care for many working horses, ponies and donkeys like Mora around the world?

£12 could give a horse like Mora the antibiotics she desperately needs.

£25 could provide an owner like Lodewikus vital education.

£45 could transform Saijaha's community with a brighter future for every horse.

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Why we need your help

Did you know that there are more than 100 million working horses, ponies, and donkeys in the world?

Many of these equines suffer from neglect, abuse, and misuse – usually driven by a lack of understanding of how to provide basic care. Because of this, equines suffer every day, living in difficult working conditions with little or no protection.

But we believe that change can happen. Each day, World Horse Welfare teams work tirelessly to shine the spotlight on working equines to secure a future in which they do not have to suffer needlessly.

Working equines lead demanding lives in sometimes exhausting conditions, which can cause a wide range of health and welfare problems, including illness, injury, and disease. These incredible creatures are integral to people’s lives and the work we do enables horses to be seen in a new light, to be valued and treated with respect, compassion and understanding.

Through our projects, we can better understand the problems that equines and their owners are facing around the world. We are supporting owners with advice and guidance to help them take better care of their equines. By giving people the confidence and motivation to make changes to their behaviours, we can secure a better life for their horses, donkeys and mules.