Help neglected horses like Barney

Help neglected horses like Barney

Horses all around the UK are suffering from neglect. Give them a brighter future by making a regular gift today.

Your £3 each month helps to keep our Field Officers on the road, making sure that whenever a horse needs us, we’re able to reach them.

Your £5 each month could help pay for the emergency veterinary care horses need after we’ve rescued them.

Your £10 each month could help provide rescued horses with the expert care and nutrition they so desperately need.

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Why we need your help

We help horses in need, anywhere in Britain, and one of those horses was a little cob called Barney. Despite being in a terrible state – starving, suffering from painful sores and with his coat matted with faeces – Barney’s spirit was undimmed, and he kept calling out for help.

Neglected piebald cob with long matted coat

Thanks to his determination, our Field Officers found Barney, along with a large number of other horses and ponies. The conditions they were being kept in were appalling, and they urgently needed to be removed to safety where they could receive the expert care they so desperately needed.

Field Officer Sarah says:

“When we go out to investigate after someone has reported a welfare concern to us, we never know quite what we’re going to find when we get there. Sadly, we discover horses in harrowing situations all too often, like poor little Barney. As this was such a big case, we worked alongside a number of other welfare organisations to get all the horses removed to safety, with the chance of a much brighter future ahead of them. None of this work would be possible without the generosity of the public supporting us through regular donations.”

Neglected piebald pony being rescued by World Horse Welfare Field Officer

Sadly, it was too late for Barney – despite the very best efforts of the team to nurse him back to health, he was just too weak and tragically he didn’t make it. However, thanks to his bravery, the 36 other horses and ponies who were rescued from the site did get a second chance.

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