Our foals urgently need your help

Our foals urgently need your help

Could you help give the foals arriving into our care the expert support they need to not only survive, but to thrive?

£3 for three months could help pay for a warm bed when a foal is born.

£5 for five months could help fund around-the-clock care of a new-born foal.

£10 for ten months could help pay for vital vet care for a malnourished mare and her foal.

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£10 could help to buy vital dietary supplements for an orphaned foal.

£20 could help pay for a foal's first tetanus injection.

£45 could help microchip and passport a new foal.

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Why we need your help

Last year we cared for 30 foals, and we are expecting similar numbers again this year. Some come in with their mothers, others are born on our farms, and some abandoned foals come in completely alone, so our team work tirelessly around the clock to give them the care they need.

As much as our team loves the arrival of new foals and visitors love seeing them happily thriving on our farms, there are many costs associated with them. From initial vet visits when they are born, to vaccinations, microchipping, passports, and expert care from our grooms to keep them healthy – the bills add up rapidly.

Skewbald foal looking through post and rail fence with his mother grazing behind

Many of the mares that come into our care in foal are from large welfare cases where overbreeding is an issue. They are often weak, emaciated and sickly so complications can arise very quickly either with the mare or foal when they give birth. This means they often need extra visits from our vets to make sure they’re on the road to recovery. All mares in foal and nursing mares need a specialist diet.

Once safe in our care foals are promised a secure future ahead of them, never having to endure the suffering their mothers did. Generous supporters like you make it possible for every World Horse Welfare foal to receive the expertise, compassion and round-the-clock care that they so desperately need not only to survive, but to thrive. Will you donate today to give the foals of this year a brighter future?