Please help stop the suffering

Please help stop the suffering

Will you donate today to provide urgent care for horses like Seamus?

£12 could treat lice in a horse like Seamus whose basic needs have been ignored.

£40 could get one of our Field Officers straight to a horse in desperate need.

£65 could help provide nutritious food for a starved horse.

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World Horse Welfare is the only charity working to help all horses, ponies, donkeys and mules across the world – including those suffering from abuse and neglect, and those vulnerable working animals serving the world’s poorest communities. The challenging nature of this work is visible in the story Seamus.  Can you donate to help them during their journey to a full recovery this winter?

Field Officer Seema discovered this majestic horse on a vast hillside, but there wasn’t a blade of grass for him to eat and it seemed these had been his living conditions for some time. She was shocked to see a giant skeleton, with bare patches of flesh where there should have been a thick, chestnut coat. Seema could see he’d had to crane his neck through the fence to reach any morsel of forage but there was simply not enough to sustain him.  He’d even resorted to chewing the wooden fences in desperation.   
He was starving to death. 
Luckily, we were able to act quickly to move Seamus to the safety of our Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Lancashire for emergency treatment .
Seamus’s character never faltered.  When his strength started to return, he could have thrown his weight around as a retort for the cruel hand he had been dealt. But he remained consistently calm and gentlemanly. His story is why horses will always be central to Seema’s world, and why she is so grateful to people like you for being there for horses like Seamus.   
But we desperately need to be there for so many more horses like Seamus.   Are you able to donate today to help end their suffering and turn their lives around?   

A gift today of £12, or whatever you can afford could help rescue other horses in need and provide them with round the clock care, rehabilitation and a brighter future.   

Thank you for your support.