British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund

British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund

Could you help provide vital support for Ukrainian horses and their owners?

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£10 could help buy much-needed bedding for Ukrainian horses.

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£25 could help buy vital haylage supplies for Ukrainian horses.

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£50 could help buy urgently-needed veterinary supplies for Ukrainian horses.

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British Equestrians for Ukraine Fund

Why we need your help

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We are raising funds on behalf of British Equestrian and the UK’s equine sector to provide emergency support for the equines, and their owners and carers, affected by the devastation of the conflict in Ukraine.  We will be working initially with local partners, including the Ukraine and Polish Equestrian Federations, and with other partners as the situation progresses. Any unused funds will be donated to the Foundation of the Ukraine Equestrian Federation.

Your gift will help buy desperately-needed feed, bedding and veterinary supplies. Any donation, no matter how small, will make a real difference to Ukrainian horses, right across the country’s equestrian sector, from sport and leisure horses and all other horses who need our help.

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It touches my heart with such amazing work you do you such a magical, spiritual animal. It upsets me greatly how animals are treated with such disrespect and disregard. They are sentient beings with thoughts and feelings. Thank you for being there for those that need it the most

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