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We catch up with gentle giant Seamus in his new home 

Rehomer Nikky tells us what life is like with Clydesdale Seamus and how he is settling in with his new companion Puddin.

We find out the latest news on Equine Grass Sickness

Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Eileen Gillen shares insights from a conference on the complex disease.

Why do horses come into our care? Is that the only successful outcome of a case?

Chief Field Officer Claire Gordon explains how horses and ponies can come into our care for all kinds of reasons and from all kinds of situations.

End of life: a decision most horse owners dread, but how do you prepare for it?

Field Officer Penny Baker shares her thoughts on how horse owners can prepare for the decision nobody wants to have to make.

Empathy, education, and evidence: the take-home messages from our 25th annual conference

Find out how an international line up of speakers explored “When does use become abuse?”.

Is it acceptable to use a whip on a horse?

With use of the whip becoming an increasingly hot topic, we all need to decide whether this is indeed acceptable – and, if so, why, how, and when?

Autumn worm control: which worms should you test for?

Field Officer Chris Shaw explains which worms you should be testing for in the autumn – and why it’s so important to test before treating.

Clipping to help overweight horses and ponies lose weight

Hall Farm Yard Supervisor Adele tells us how clipping can be a really useful weight management tool, especially for horses and ponies who can’t be worked.

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