Please make a difference this winter

Please make a difference this winter

Will you support us and provide urgent care for horses like Moose, Goose and Cancan this winter?

£12 could provide a bag of carrots as a winter treat for three horses this winter.

£20 could feed an underweight horse for a week.

£50 could go towards buying a cosy rug to keep an emaciated horse comfortable as the weather turns cold.

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World Horse Welfare is the only charity working to help all horses, ponies, donkeys and mules across the world – including those suffering from abuse and neglect, and those vulnerable working animals serving the world’s poorest communities The challenging nature of this work is visible in the story of Moose, Goose and Cancan. Can you donate to help them during their journey to a full recovery this winter?

Field Officer Chris discovered a severely emaciated mare, Moose, who was pregnant and urgently needed care at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norfolk. Six days later, foal Goose was born, but due to Moose’s weak condition he couldn’t get everything he needed from her and he developed sepsis, necessitating swift medical intervention.

Thanks to this dedicated care, Goose defied the odds and began to thrive. At the same time, Snowy, another pregnant mare, arrived in our care with a foal at foot, giving birth to Cancan shortly after her foal was weaned. Snowy’s health deteriorated, and sadly she did not make it, leaving Cancan orphaned.

As Moose’s health had improved and little Goose was doing well everyone agreed that Cancan would make the perfect addition to their family. With Cancan receiving additional hand-feeds from our grooms a new family emerged. Your support can ensure that these horses have a safe and caring winter at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre. Your generous donation can make a significant impact on a horse in need. 

Thank you for your support.