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Esme’s back – and this time she’s visited our Glenda Spooner Farm!

YouTube star This Esme recently visited Glenda Spooner Farm to find out just what it's like to be a World Horse Welfare groom.

Multi-agency operation takes place to rescue 43 horses in Wellingborough

World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA led the rescue operation, with a number of other equine charities helping.

Reporting of animal welfare prosecution highlights major gap in the law

A recent animal welfare prosecution has highlighted two issues that the public should be aware of.

World Horse Welfare welcomes release of fundamental strategy to benefit the welfare of racehorses throughout their lives

World Horse Welfare welcomes the publication today of the strategy from racing’s Horse Welfare Board: A life well lived: a new strategic plan for the welfare of horses bred for racing, 2020-2024.

World Horse Welfare thanks public for huge response to UK Aid Match Haiti Appeal

The funds raised will support expanded projects to provide training for communities in rural Haiti to improve care for their working horses and donkeys whilst strengthening their livelihoods and independence.

Rehomed horses steal the hearts of celebrity judges to win in national competition

Three rescued and rehomed horses captivated celebrity judges’ hearts to win their categories in World Horse Welfare’s annual Rehomed Horse of the Year 2019 competition.

Buttercup was just skin and bone but now she’s a showing champion ready to find a home

Rescue pony Buttercup has been transformed since coming into our care emaciated and weak.

Charities combine expertise to help horse owners cut costs not care

A number of equine charities have collaborated to produce two detailed guides for horse owners.

Will you email your MP to support increased animal cruelty sentences?

We need your support to ensure increased sentencing becomes law as soon as possible.

Elf’s journey from nervous neglected young foal to calming friend

Elf has been transformed since he came into our care. Will you help other horses in need this winter?

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