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New weekly event for parents and children at Hall Farm

Hall Farm in Norfolk launches a weekly event for families

Happy Hounds Breakfast Club new at Penny Farm

Penny Farm in Lancashire launches a monthly gathering for dog lovers and their furry companions.

Webinar: Day in the Life of a Sports Horse

Ever wondered how top equine athletes can be managed with a focus on positive welfare?

Recognising Trauma in Horses: A Neuroscience Perspective

Webinar: On Wednesday 13 March at 7pm we will be discussing all things trauma related.

What can horse sports learn from other industries on public trust?

World Horse Welfare organised conference draws over 150 sports leaders from across the globe.

Webinar: Dispelling Common Nutrition Myths

Welfare Wednesday Webinar: Dispelling 'nutribaloney' equine nutrition myths

Welfare Wednesday Webinars return to our screens.

'Managing arthritic changes in ridden horses.' kicks off our 2023/24 webinar series

Patron This Esme visits our Scottish Centre

Equestrian influencer and YouTube star This Esme visits Belwade Farm, Aberdeenshire

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