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Finley was very nervous when he came into our care

Finley has been transformed since he came into our care. Will you help other ponies in need this winter?

Thruppence was dangerously obese when she arrived

Thruppence has been transformed since she came into our care. Will you help other ponies in need this winter?

Rescue pony Clyde shows how your donation can help transform horses’ lives this winter

Welsh pony gelding Clyde came into our care severely neglected but has been transformed to take Reserve Champion Rescue Pony at Equifest this year.

Two people jailed after being convicted of numerous animal welfare charges

Inspectors found a "total animal welfare disaster" when they visited Ingst Manor Farm in 2015.

Responsibility for equine welfare is not a choice, it’s a duty and the equine sector must pull together

World Horse Welfare Annual Conference 2019 explored need for collective responsibility across the equine sector to tackle all elements of horse welfare head on.

‘Who is Responsible?’ asks World Horse Welfare at Annual Conference 2019

Leading names in the horse world will debate questions of responsibility for equine welfare.

Bids are open for World Horse Welfare’s World Horse Trail Sculptures

Interested in getting your hands on one of the stunning World Horse Trail sculptures? Don't miss this opportunity!

Technology triumphs to track down isolated ponies

Our latest film shows Field Officer Rachel Andrews taking on some of Britain’s least hospitable terrain to check on a remote herd of ponies.

October is Rehome A Horse Month

World Horse Welfare champions the benefits of rehoming while asking the public 'Why buy when you can rehome?’

Rehomed Horse of the Year 2019 competition

Find out more about our Rehomed Horse of the Year 2019 competition, including our exciting new categories and how to enter!

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