Myth busting: Is my horse being a pain or in pain?

Welfare Wednesday Webinars return to our screens

Posted on 23/11/2022

Myth busting: Is my horse being a pain or in pain?

Register for Sue Dyson and Rosa Verwijs’ webinar HERE

World Horse Welfare’s hugely popular series of webinars is set to return on Wednesday November 30 2022 at 7pm for its third winter season. The first webinar will see Sue Dyson dispel some common myths we frequently hear about some of the horse behaviours that we consider less than desirable. 

From spooky dispositions to grumpy chestnuts, from lazy geldings to buzzy mares, Sue will shed light on what we – as owners and riders – may have missed when attempting to resolve commonly seen unwanted behaviours in our horses. Sue will be joined by Equine Behaviourist Rosa Verwijs, who will share her knowledge and experience on what we need to consider when our horse is consistently displaying a behaviour we would rather they didn’t.

Both Sue and Rosa will also explain how we can become better at understanding what our horses are really trying to tell us. This will lead into a Q & A session in which you will have the chance to ‘ask the experts’ any questions you may have on this important and intriguing topic.

The webinar series will run throughout the winter, with a diverse range of topics being tackled. The next dates are Wednesday 14 December with “Balancing the needs of the horse with the pressure of competition” featuring Pippa Funnell and Ailsa Waites and Wednesday 4 January 2023 when veterinarian Lucy Grieve, NEWC Director Ruth Court and World Horse Welfare Field Officer Rachel Andrews will consider the timely “Cutting costs, not care”.

The webinars are free to attend and if you are unable to attend via Zoom they can be viewed as a Facebook Live session. By registering for the webinars through Zoom, you will be able to take part in the various polls, ask questions during the Q&A and enjoy an interactive experience.

Watch previous webinars HERE

Previous webinar topics have tackled subjects as fascinating and diverse as how to restrain horses; can a stabled horse truly ever be happy; how to resist peer pressure and do what’s right for your horse and end of life decisions.

More about the presenters: Sue Dyson qualified as a veterinarian from the University of Cambridge in 1980. After an internship at the University of Pennsylvania and a year in private equine practice in Pennsylvania, Sue returned to Great Britain to the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket. Sue ran a clinical referral service for lameness and poor performance, attracting clients from all over the United Kingdom, Ireland and continental Europe for 37 years. From 2019 she has worked as an independent consultant, combining her horsemanship skills with her previous veterinary experience, with the aim of maximising performance potential. Sue is currently scientific advisor to the Saddle Research Trust and Moorcroft Rehabilitation Centre. 

Rosa Verwijs MSc, FHEA, CHBC, ABTC-AAB is a Senior Lecturer in Equine Behaviour and Nutrition at Writtle University College in Essex, where she leads the BSc (Hons) Equine Behavioural Science course. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and alongside lecturing conducts research into equine behaviour, welfare and nutrition. Rosa is a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and is also registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist.

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