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Webinar: Day in the Life of a Sports Horse

Ever wondered how top equine athletes can be managed with a focus on positive welfare?

Recognising Trauma in Horses: A Neuroscience Perspective

Webinar: On Wednesday 13 March at 7pm we will be discussing all things trauma related.

WEBINAR: Straight from the horse’s mouth: Essential equine dental care

 On Wednesday 31 January at 7pm, we will be discussing all things tooth and mouth related.

Annual Health Plan launched to support owners in managing their horses’ routine care.

Free to download, the interactive and user-friendly plan aims to support everyone who looks after horses.

Free to access advice site paves the way for better equine welfare.

New resource hub for all horse owners and care-givers contains the latest and most up-to-date advice, supported by industry experts

Webinar: Dispelling Common Nutrition Myths

Welfare Wednesday Webinar: Dispelling 'nutribaloney' equine nutrition myths

Welfare Wednesday Webinars return to our screens.

'Managing arthritic changes in ridden horses.' kicks off our 2023/24 webinar series

Effect of Cost-of-Living Crisis on horse keepers.

Results of survey into impact of Cost-of-Living Crisis revealed

Our response to welfare recommendations by the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission

We warmly welcome the newly published vision for ensuring the future involvement of horses in sport.

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