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Pony who suffered horrific injury is now farm favourite

Moses has been transformed into a stunning, cheeky young cob and is now Sponsor a Stableyard cover star.

World Horse Welfare welcomes proposed ban on export for slaughter

The Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill includes legislative proposals on live exports for slaughter and livestock worrying - both relevant to equines

World Horse Welfare delivers evidence integral to improving welfare of post-Brexit international transport of horses

World Horse Welfare gives evidence to an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Commons Select Committee

Royal President visits World Horse Welfare in Norfolk

HRH The Princess Royal visited the Norfolk centre of Britain’s largest equine rescue and rehoming charity on 11th May.

‘Once in a generation’ opportunity to protect animals

50 Animal charities unite to urge Government not to waste ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to protect animals.

Bitter disappointment at overturning of animal abuse conviction

World Horse Welfare is bitterly disappointed about the overturning of a 20-year suspension of a UAE endurance rider.

A seismic day for animal welfare

World Horse Welfare warmly welcomes stiffer punishments for animal cruelty as maximum sentences increase in England and Wales.

Ponies rescued from shocking conditions

Clever detective work unlocked the key allowing rescue of ponies living in shocking conditions.

A bright future ahead for ponies rescued from sanctuary

137 horses and ponies have been rescued in a large multi-agency operation.

Strangles Awareness Week returns for 2021

A national week of action encouraging people to speak out and challenge the stigma of the UK’s most prevalent equine disease is returning this year.

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