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Little Holly was found frightened, alone and hungry, but now she’s safe this Christmas

From death's door to World Horse Welfare's face of Christmas – watch little Holly's story so far.

Christmas closing dates

Find out when our Head Office reopens in January and when you can book your next visit to our Rescue and Rehoming Centres.

A timely Welfare Wednesday Webinar topic to greet the New Year: Cutting costs, not care

The winter season of the popular Welfare Wednesday Webinars by World Horse Welfare continue in the New Year.

Equine identification: a broken system that has a golden chance to be fixed

World Horse Welfare responds to the UK Government's Equine ID recommendations, alongside the publication of the British Horse Council's report: Equine ID: A Broken System.

Movement for Good Award for ground-breaking horse owner support project

We are delighted to be chosen for a £10,000 Movement for Good Award

When does use become abuse with horses? World-class gathering tackle complex question

Trying to identify and define where use of horses becomes abuse was explored at World Horse Welfare's 25th conference.

International conference considers “When does use become abuse?”

“When does use become abuse?” is the question that will be explored by experts across the horse world and beyond on Thursday November 10th.

The cost of a coffee can improve the lives of the horses – and the people – who transport it

Do you know about the close links between your cup of coffee and the working horses and their owners in Colombia?

Charities combine strength for the benefit of horse welfare

Staff at Hall Farm and Penny Farm welcomed groups of new RSPCA recruits for training.

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