Has National Volunteer Week inspired you to lend us a hand?

Long-term volunteer Ann Bird shares her enthusiasm about helping out at Hall Farm

Posted on 05/06/2024

Has National Volunteer Week inspired you to lend us a hand?

We are using National Volunteer Week to shine a spotlight on the incredible volunteers who make our mission possible and we are calling for others to lend a hand. Rescuing and rehabilitating around 300 horses each year, our work is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers across our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres. However, a recent increase in the number of horses being taken inand a growing profile for our farms as visitor attractions means more helping hands are needed.

“There are opportunities for volunteering around the farm, but volunteers are at the absolute core of running the Visitor Centre here, and it is getting busier all the time. We would love to add new activities for our many visitors, but we really need a few extra pairs of hands to make this possible. We rely on our activities and events to raise funds to continue our rescue and rehabilitation work – there are loads of opportunities, and you don’t even have to be ‘horsey’ to help in the Visitor Centre, so please get in touch.”

Sue Hodgkins, Farm Manager at Hall Farm in Norfolk, highlighting the need for more volunteers to help at the Visitor Centre

Ann Bird is one of our dedicated volunteers and has been with us for around 14 years. Having just celebrated her 82nd birthday, Ann’s story is one of dedication, passion, and a lifelong love of horses. Ann began her volunteer journey at Hall Farm after moving to a nearby village in 2009, initially helping to walk Shetland ponies to maintain their health. Her role evolved, and she now assists in various vital tasks, from stewarding dressage competitions to data entry for vet and farrier visits, ensuring accuracy for the rehabilitation of our horses. Ann’s enthusiasm and commitment are truly inspiring and she vows to continue volunteering,.

“I was actually quite upset when all the Shetlands were rehomed and there was no longer a need for me to walk them out. But, of course, there are so many other opportunities, so I started getting involved with helping out at competitions, which I’m still doing, before taking on the inputting of all the vet and farrier details for each horse on the farm. I love doing it, as long as my legs will carry me!”.

Ann Bird, long-term volunteer at Hall Farm

Ann’s invaluable contributions highlight the essential role volunteers play at World Horse Welfare. Those inspired by Ann’s story and would like to make a difference can easily apply to be a member of our valued volunteer team.

“Whether you can offer a few hours or a few days, your support is invaluable.”

Sue Hodgkins

For more information on volunteering opportunities at any of our farms or at our headquarters in Norfolk, please contact us HERE or call 01953 498682

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