Subjected to horrendous pain, Tammy makes a miraculous recovery

Tammy had horrific wounds when she arrived at World Horse Welfare Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Posted on 07/08/2015

Subjected to horrendous pain, Tammy makes a miraculous recovery

When World Horse Welfare Tammy arrived with us back in 2001, it was apparent that she was in an enormous amount of pain. Large open sores along her neck and back were causing her agony and becoming infected. The reason for such horrendous wounds? Tammy’s owner had been treating her sweet itch with neat Jeyes Fluid.

Poor Tammy also had overgrown hooves and due to her terrible past was incredibly anxious around people and difficult to handle.

It took an enormous amount of specialist veterinary and farriery treatment as well as patient and dedicated handling from our team to help Tammy recover – but she is now a healthy horse. During her rehabilitation, Tammy spent two years as our adoption horse at Hall Farm, our Norfolk Rescue and Rehoming Centre, and proved incredibly popular with our supporters.

Now a wonderful 20 years of age, Tammy has been living with current rehomer Caroline for 6 years. She tells us:

“When I went to Hall Farm to meet Tammy I was impressed with the proficiency and dedication of the staff, all who made me feel welcome.  Tammy was already in a stable and I was observed grooming, picking out feet and generally handling her. I was already smitten and after the home check – which went with flying colours – we were ready to go.

“Tams came home amid a snow storm in January 2009 and she has been a part of our family ever since.  Although she was a handful to start with – understandable after two years at Hall Farm and then to have a new keeper, new home and new friends – with a lot of patience, love and trust she has accepted me and I would not part with her, ever.  She had a pretty rough few years but now she is well and happy. The six monthly checks from the field officer have been very positive and I believe an important part of managing the rehoming process.

“Two new horses are now at the yard so three have become five: our very own ‘herd’ who all live out together. Tams has her own wardrobe (which is somewhat larger than mine!) and we are managing her sweet itch well.  I hope that other people will be inspired to rehome a horse: the rewards are immense but so are the responsibilities and none of these should be taken lightly.

“Tams now trusts me completely and she knows I will never hurt her. She can still play up when you bring her in from the field in a howling gale but she is the kindest horse. She loves being warm and dry in the winter and finally I can relax knowing that no-one will ever be able to hurt her again. Tammy has come home.”

If you could offer a loving home to a horse like Tammy, please visit our rehoming pages.

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