Donate to help stop horse smuggling

Donate to help stop horse smuggling

Help stop the illegal smuggling of horses out of Britain to an unknown fate.

£3 could help keep our investigators on the road to gather important evidence to support our case for robust legislation and enforcement to protect horses.

£5 could help World Horse Welfare keep up the pressure on the authorities to prevent horses being smuggled out of the UK.

£10 could help bring intercepted horses into our care to receive the compassion they deserve.

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An overloaded transporter containing 26 horses and ponies was intercepted at Dover port, which we believe were destined for a slaughterhouse somewhere in Europe.  

Only 19 of the vulnerable horses, who had been cruelling crammed onto the lorry, were declared to officials. It was also discovered that amongst the frightened group were pregnant mares and unhandled youngsters who were terrified. The suffering of one horse was so severe that the kindest decision was to put her to sleep.  

We have been tirelessly campaigning to stop this cruel and illegal exploitation of horses and we need your help to end it once and for all, by lobbying the government to implement robust legislation and then ensuring that it is properly enforced at all UK ports.  

Five of the horses who came into our care were heavily pregnant and one of these expectant mares was suffering from the painful hoof disease, laminitis. 

These horses, ponies, colts and unborn foals are now safe, but we know that other horses are at risk of being sent overseas to an unknown fate. We depend entirely on voluntary donations so please will you help them today?  

Your ongoing support for our work, which includes campaigning for better laws and enforcement to stop this cruel trade, means that together we can help many more horses. 

Thank you!