Understanding colic – what we as owners need to know

with Dr Katie Lightfoot and Izzy Wild

Dr Katie Lightfoot (University of Nottingham) explained what we, as owners, can do to prepare ourselves if our horse gets colic. Katie discussed the types of decisions we may have to make and provide some real-life case studies of owner experiences. 

Katie was joined by our own International Programme Officer Izzy Wild, who is also a vet and has experience of dealing with complex colic cases as well as being involved in research. 

Izzy explained what the main risk factors are around colic and talked us through the critical signs we should all be able to recognise and what steps to take. 

As always, there was plenty of time of set aside for Katie and Izzy to answer questions from the Zoom and Facebook Live audience at the end of the webinar; both were very keen to share their experiences and ensure that as owners we are as informed as possible about what happens if our horse gets colic.

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