Strangles – how to confidently reduce the risk of this preventable disease

with Nicolas de Brauwere and Andrew Waller

During Strangles Awareness Week, we welcomed vet Nicolas de Brauwere, Head of Welfare and Behaviour at Redwings Horse Sanctuary, and Andrew Waller, a leading equine health scientist and strangles expert, to talk to us about strangles and how we can keep our horses as safe as possible. 

Strangles Awareness Week ran from the 2nd to 8th May 2002 and, to help raise awareness about this preventable disease, Nic and Andrew explained how to recognise strangles, how it is spread, and what horse owners can do to minimise risk. Most importantly, will outline what steps should be taken if a case of strangles is suspected to ensure that its spread is quickly controlled. 


How to prevent disease in horses –

Horse owners can already start creating their horse’s 7-day temperature record using the online temp checker. They can opt-in for reminders and it will calculate an average for them leaving them be better placed to be able to spot a sudden rise in temperature and some familiarity with their horse’s natural fluctuating healthy range-

BHS – Steps To Eradicate and Prevent Strangles –

Redwings Strangles Hub –

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