Recognising pain in our ridden horses

with Dr Sue Dyson and Tony Tyler

Dr Sue Dyson talked to us about how to recognise pain in ridden horses. Sue shared with us some of her research that has looked at signs and behaviours horses display when they are experiencing pain, many of which can be very subtle. 

She also discussed the sensitive issue of the impact of rider size on equine performance. Sue explains the influence that riders can have on their horses and what we, as owners, can do to ensure we are able to assess and recognise signs of discomfort and pain as soon as possible. 

Sue was joined by our Deputy Chief Executive and Director of UK Tony Tyler, who has worked alongside Sue on various projects, for the Q&A session. 


Download a PDF of “The influence of rider:horse bodyweight ratio and rider-horse-saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: A pilot study” –

Download a PDF list of references made during the webinar –

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