Recognising, managing and preventing skin disease

with Professor Derek Knottenbelt and Claire Gordon

Of all the conditions that affect our horses, skin conditions are the most common. But how good are you at recognising different skin diseases? Do you know when to call the vet? And do you know how to prevent skin problems from starting in the first place? 

Professor Derek Knottenbelt (Equine Medical Solutions/Liverpool Vet School) joined us to talk about common skin conditions: how to recognise them, how to manage them, and how to prevent them. 

Professor Knottenbelt was joined by our own Claire Gordon, World Horse Welfare’s Chief Field Officer. Claire has a wealth of experience managing horses with a range of skin conditions, from those that typically occur in neglected animals to those that affect even the best managed horses. 

Professor Knottenbelt worked for many years at Liverpool Vet School, where he ran the renowned sarcoid referral service. He now manages Equine Medical Solutions, an online referral service that supports owners and vets in the management of skin diseases and cancer, including sarcoids. His experience in the management of sarcoids is unparalleled and he answered questions from our audience about this frustrating condition. 

Topics covered include: sweet Itch, rainscald, ringworm, sarcoids, melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, mallenders, sallenders, feather mites, skin disorders in horses, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, urticaria, hives, viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection, parasitic organisms, protozoal infection, grass warts, ear plaques, pastern dermatitis, saddle rash, staphylococcal dermatitis, strangles, abscesses, lice, collagen bumps, cancer in horses.

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