Preparing your horse for competition

with Mark Todd and Pippa Funnell

Learn from two of the world’s most successful event riders – Mark Todd and Pippa Funnell – about how to prepare your horse for competition. 

2021 promises to be a season like no other, with preparation and early competitions blighted by coronavirus. In an informal panel discussion, Mark and Pippa talked about: 

  • How to get your horse fit to compete
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them 
  • The importance of good equine welfare in sport. 

As well as discussing the effects of coronavirus and climate change on preparation and competing, Mark and Pippa talked us through the training programme and facilities you need to prepare a horse for the season. 

And who better to learn from about how to avoid mistakes? Knowing when a combination is ready to move up a level, understanding interval training, and helping horses stay sound and fit over the long term are all covered during the webinar. 

We also got an insight into Mark and Pippa’s views on what good equine welfare looks like, and their opinions on the FEI’s blood rules, the upcoming ban on trimming whiskers, and new recommendations on noseband tightness.

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