Preparing for an emergency – equine first aid

with Chris Tufnell and Jon Phipps

Learn from leading equine vet, Chris Tufnell, and our Field Officer, Jon Phipps, about what to do in an equine emergency. 

When faced with an injury, would you know how to help your horse whilst keeping yourself safe? In presentations that cover common emergencies such as wounds, bleeding, and fractures, you will learn what to do – and what not to do – to give your horse the best chance of recovery. 

The webinar covers a number of important topic

  • How to manage a wound while waiting for the vet to arrive 
  • Which wounds are serious and which ones will probably heal without veterinary help 
  • How to tell if your horse may have a fracture 
  • If you suspect a fracture, what to do while the vet is on the way 
  • If the wound has something embedded in it, whether you should leave it in or take it out 
  • And finally, what you should– and should not – have in your first aid kit 

Our experts will teach you how to assess an equine emergency quickly and accurately, and will give you tips on how to manage these stressful situations. Knowing when to call the vet and applying effective first aid can be the key to success or failure when a horse has an injury.

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