How to restrain horses appropriately

with Dr Gemma Pearson, Brad Hill and Tony Evans

Do you have a horse that is reluctant to be tied up or stand still? Do you have trouble clipping or deworming? Or is your horse difficult to inject? In all these situations, being able to restrain the horse in a way that is effective and humane is key to getting the job done safely. 

In this webinar, held in conjunction with the University of Nottingham, Dr Gemma Pearson guides us in how to restrain horses using learning theory, a highly effective method that can transform equine behaviour. As part of this she discusses the use of licks, food, and sedatives, and the role in equine handling of twitches and other types of physical restraint. As well as being an equine vet, Gemma is one of only a handful of certified clinical equine behaviourists in the UK. The combination of these two qualifications gives her a powerful insight into equine behaviour and training, and her methods are highly effective. 

Following her presentation, Gemma was joined for a panel discussion by Brad Hill, an equine vet who has worked in first opinion practice and is now a member of the equine teaching team at Nottingham Vet School, and Tony Evans, one of World Horse Welfare’s Field Officers who has over 40 years of experience in many facets of the equine industry. This led into a Q & A session in which the live audience had the chance to ‘ask the experts’ any questions you may have on the topic of restraining horses.

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