How to provide a good life for horses: Friends, freedom, and forage

with Professor Natalie Waran, Sam York and Rae Andrews

In this webinar, we explore the importance of the ‘3 Fs’ – friends, freedom, and forage – to equine wellbeing, as well as other ways that we can give horses a good life. Internationally-renowned Professor Natalie (Nat) Waran takes us on a guided tour of this newly emerging topic. Nat’s unique mix of warmth, practicality, and science makes her a standout speaker on any topic related to equine welfare. 

Among other topics, Nat discusses: 

  • What the 3Fs are 
  • Why they are important 
  • How they can be integrated into equine husbandry 
  • What issues may arise if the 3 Fs are not provided. 

Following her presentation, Nat is joined by Sam York, an experienced and successful event rider and coach, and Rae Andrews, one of World Horse Welfare’s field officers and a seasoned competitor, where they discuss practical issues surrounding provision of the 3 Fs. This leads into a Q & A session in which the live audience ‘ask the experts’ questions on this important topic. 


University of Liverpool paper –,use,of,alternative,grazing,systems,in,the,UK.pdf

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