How to keep horse sport ethical

with Professor Madeleine Campbell, Alex Hua Tian and John Burns

In this webinar, held in conjunction with the University of Nottingham, Professor Madeleine Campbell takes an in-depth look at how some of the sporting demands we make on our horses could affect their mental wellbeing. Professor Campbell holds a number of senior positions in British universities and veterinary organisations relating to animal welfare and ethics, and she is uniquely placed to guide us through the maze of ethical questions that confronts all of us who keep horses. 

Among other topics, Professor Campbell provides her perspective on: 

  • The ethics of riding horses 
  • Ethical enhancement of equine performance 
  • When to call it a day 

Following her presentation, Professor Campbell was joined by Alex Hua Tian, an extremely experienced three-day event rider, and John Burns, one of World Horse Welfare’s Field Officers who has extensive experience of equestrian competition, to discuss practical issues surrounding the ethics of horse sport. This led into a Q & A session in which viewers had the chance to ‘ask the experts’ any questions they had on this fundamental topic.

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