Buying a horse – traps for the unwary

with Ben Mayes, Allison Williment and Tony Evans

Learn from leading equine vet, Ben Mayes, and World Horse Welfare’s Allison Williment and Tony Evans, about what to look for when buying a horse. 

Buying a new horse is exciting – but it can be daunting, too. And there are lots of pitfalls that even the most experienced of buyers can fall into. This webinar aims to help you avoid some of those pitfalls by being prepared and knowing what to do and what to look for. 

The webinar covered a number of important topics, including: 

  • Making sure that the horse you buy is suitable for you and your facilities 
  • Things to check before making a decision or engaging a vet to do a pre-purchase examination
  • Whether a pre-purchase examination is advisable or not 
  • What a pre-purchase examination can and cannot achieve 
  • The difference between  2-stage vs 5-stage pre-purchase examinations 
  • Welfare considerations and obligations of horse ownership 
  • The most common traps that unwary buyers can fall into

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