Building your horse’s strength through groundwork

with Jo Paul and Eileen Gillen

How can we condition our horses so that they are fit enough to do what we ask with minimal stress? If they do develop an injury, how can we give them the best chance of recovery? The answer to both these questions may be to include groundwork in your horse’s exercise or rehabilitation programme. 

Watch this World Horse Welfare webinar to learn how you can use groundwork to help your horse. Our keynote speaker is Jo Paul, a Chartered Physiotherapist who has spent the past 40 years optimising equine performance and rehabilitation through physiotherapy. Jo was joined by our own Eileen Gillen, Centre Manager at World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm in Aberdeenshire. Eileen developed the ‘whole horse’ approach to rehabilitation that is now used across World Horse Welfare – a successful method that integrates physiotherapy and groundwork into horses’ daily lives . 

The webinar covered topics such as: 

  • What is groundwork? 
  • When is groundwork useful? 
  • What groundwork exercises are safe and effective? 
  • Top tips to get the best from groundwork
  • How do I know if groundwork is doing any good? 

Learn from Jo and Eileen the role that groundwork can play in helping horses become strong, stay strong, and recover from injury.

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