Horses in Colombia need your help

Horses in Colombia need your help

Could you help to change the lives of horses and their owners in rural Colombia?

£10 could help us to provide training on equid welfare to remote communities.

£25 could help ensure the inclusion of animal welfare in the local school curriculum.

£50 could help us to build a long-lasting culture of strong horse-human partnerships.

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Why we need your help

We work in four remote Colombian communities where working horses, mules and donkeys are integral to local people’s lives. The geography of these remote areas is mountainous, and they are poorly connected by road. Local communities rely on their equids to transport agricultural goods, to stay connected and to transport their children to school.

Equids are hugely valued, but a shortage of resources, support and certain specific skills mean that many of these working horses, mules and donkeys are in poor condition; malnutrition, colic and hoof issues are particularly common.

We are already working to change this.

The welfare of their equids is very important to owners in the communities we work with in Colombia, so they’ve been really enthusiastic about working with us and our partner organisation (Fundación Arrieros Colombia) at both a community and local government level.

Simple changes can make a significant difference to the welfare of these equids. There are currently no local farriers in these rural areas, and the difficult ground combined with heavy loads means that keeping hooves in a satisfactory condition is extremely challenging.

Our partner organisation is now working with local people and farmers to build farriery skills, enabling locals to become farriers themselves and ensuring that these new skills will be passed forwards. Without the availability to buy tools and shoes, our training also ensures that farriers can make their own, significantly improving the lives of their equids.

Well cared for horses, donkeys and mules will help their owners to farm, to trade, to stay connected and to ensure that their children are able to attend education. Can you help us to continue this work? We urgently need your support to help grow and develop our work to reach more communities throughout Colombia.

A donation will not only ensure that equids are cared for today but will build a long-lasting culture of animal welfare and strong horse-human partnerships which help to improve lives and make change happen. Thank you so much for supporting this work.